Audible Alarm

Wet-Stop bedwetting alarm is equipped with 6 variable alarms. Changing the alarm will aid in waking the child to avoid becoming accustomed to the sound.


The system can be set to vibrate and/or sound when sensor detects moisture. Setting the device to vibrate only allows the rest of the house to sleep soundly.

One Year Warranty

All Wet-Stop alarms are backed by a 1 year warranty. This means everyone can rest easy knowing they are covered… and dry.


Enjoy the best design and functions combined together

Our mission is to make the bedwetting woes a little easier. Enuresis is cureable with patience and the right tools. Wet-Stop products are designed by a board-certified Pediatric Urologist with a passion for helping parents to conquer bedwetting. Knowing that poor bathroom habits at a young age can lead to issues later in life, the time is now to help your children succeed.

Did you know?

Wet-Stop 3+ was featured in Mums & Tots Magazine

We are honored to be selected as the best bedwetting alarm!

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what other parents say:

 I have purposely waited for over 2 months to write this review. We’ve tried many things to finally stop our son’s bed wetting. After 10 years of dealing with wet nights, sometimes twice, we ordered this and committed to using it every night for 60 days. We have finally reached a point where he is getting up on his own! Do not get the stick on version, this one is great, clips on. Easy for child to do themselves. If you commit to putting it on nightly, it works. Amazing!


March 2017

This thing really works! After a few weeks of nightly use my son stopped his bed wetting. Great alternative to the medications out there!


March 2017

I was undecided whether this would help my little guy but after just reading the instructions on the use really made me feel confident in the use of this product. No only did my little guy stopped bedwetting, but we both were very positive and excited with the outcome! It helped us both to be unashamed and encouraged. I highly recommend this for any parent/child.


January 2017