Wet-Stop3 Bedwetting Alarm System

Our best-selling Wet-Stop3 enuresis bedwetting alarm teaches nighttime dryness. Easy to use alarm attaches to the pajama-top while the moisture sensor is attached to ordinary underwear. Designed by a pediatric urologist and approved by moms, with over 400,000 sold world-wide, Wet-Stop3 is clinically proven to cure enuresis.

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Using Your Wet-Stop3


Great for Girls and Boys!

  • To use the Wet-Stop3, please insert 2 AAA batteries (recommended New Energizer or Duracell, non-rechargeable) as pictured in the alarm.
  • Fasten the alarm portion with the magnet to the pajama top.
  • Run the cord under the pajama top.
  • Attach the clip to the OUTSIDE of the underwear and give it a little tug. This will assure that it is secure to the front of the underwear. For boys, it is best to position the sensor inside the front pocket of the underwear. Be sure that the sensor does not touch the skin, as it is sensitive to sweat.

Wet-Stop3 is convenient as well as effective. The Wet-Stop3 reacts immediately to the first few drops of moisture, teaching the child to stop the flow of urine before the bed becomes wet.
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