Features Wet-Stop 3

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Features of the Wet-Stop 3:

  • 6 variable alarms
  • Alarm and/or vibrating capabilities
  • Flashing LED button
  • Clip-on shirt fastener
  • Use of 2 AAA batteries
  • Replaceable, easy to dry, easy to attach the sensor
  • 1-step shut off process
  • Instructions in six languages
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects
  • Doctor-designed by board-certified urologist

The alarm also comes with a reward system with chart and star stickers and The Complete Bedwetting Book digital download. 

The Wet-Stop 3 bedwetting alarm has been around since 1979. Each new style and edition of the alarm has seen improvements. This dedication to our product and improving it for our customers means years of testing, countless hours and efforts put into creating the best quality product. In addition, this effective bedwetting alarm was designed by a pediatric urologist and is recommended by doctors and healthcare professionals worldwide. While the market is dynamic, and prices will change, the Wet-Stop 3 continually competes to be the lowest priced bedwetting alarm out there.  The makers of Wet-Stop 3 are proud to work with numerous physicians to offer family assistance to those in need of a cure for their bedwetting issues.

Results speak louder than words, and over 500,000 Wet-Stop 3 alarms have been sold over the last 38 years. The Wet-Stop 3 has helped thousands of people of all ages and with a variety of bedwetting needs. The alarm is easy to use and is wearable. It also comes with everything you need to achieve nighttime dryness including the alarm unit and sensor. Simply put, the Wet-Stop 3 is the best-selling, most affordable bedwetting alarm!

Don’t just take it from us! Here is some feedback from Bedwetting Solutions HQ and consumers.

  • Sound / Alarm: Compared to the Malem alarm, the Wet-Stop 3 has been described as “quieter.” While some parents find this to be advantageous, others complain that “it’s not loud enough.”
  • Secure Clip: The clip is safe for any kind of clothing. Other brands have safety pins, which can bear a hole in your child’s bedtime wear.
  • Price: Compared to other brands such as the Malem and Chummie, Wet-Stop 3 is about half the cost of these brands.
  • Removal of unit: The sensor is firmly attached to the alarm unit through a connector that resembles an RJ-45 for your modem. It can be an advantage in that the child cannot accidentally pull it off during sleep. But since it’s firmly attached, unclipping it can be an issue.

The Wet-Stop 3 enuresis alarm can be a device to achieve the goals of “self-awakening” and/or “parent-awakening” technique.

When this product works, it can alert the child to wake up by himself and head to the bathroom. But in cases of deep sleepers, the alarm can instead be useful for parents to help the child get up.