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Reviews of the Wet-Stop Waterproof Mattress Pads


Used one of these waterproof mattress pads in a baby crib, works great and washes great!

Janet, January 2018


Works and machine washable for my little one learning to use the rest room it helps and makes a big difference!

Katalina, November 2017


Tried this for our son who is 7. He is a deep sleeper and had no problem waking up to the alarm and vibration! In about 5 days, he was waking up dry. We continued using the alarm for another 7 days just in case, then we stopped using the alarm and continued with just the pads as a cautionary measure. After 7 days dry with the mattress pad, he now sleeps on his sheets. It was helpful to have the two pads, for when one got wet, it could easily be switched. This product easily paid for itself in the money we save on pull-ups!

Ryan, September 2016


We tried a few different mattress pads that claimed to be waterproof for our 3 year old who occasionally wets the bed. All of them leaked through. We bought this one, last night she soaked the bed, and not a drop leaked through. It also stays well on the bed and doesn’t have a crinkly noise or feeling to it. Very satisfied.

Mark, September 2017