Wet-Stop 3+ Bed Wetting Alarm Green – FREE SHIPPING IN U.S.

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Wet-Stop 3+ Bed Wetting Alarm Green – FREE SHIPPING IN U.S.


The Wet-Stop 3 alarm has been curing bedwetting for over 40 years!

A wearable bedwetting alarm that teaches your child’s brain to tune in to his/her body’s needs, recognize a full bladder, and awaken to go to the bathroom rather than wetting the bed. Variable alarm tones plus a strong vibration alert can be set to work with your child’s sleep style for successful training. Easy to attach, the alarm alerts at the first drops of urine, leading to a faster response and more restful nights.

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A vibrating bed wetting alarm and traditional alarm all in one.

The Wet-Stop 3+ bed wetting alarm offers many great features!

  • 6 Variable alarm sounds (so your child doesn’t learn to tune it out)
  • Set to an audible alarm, vibration alarm, or both
  • Flashing LED button to confirm functioning
  • Alarm with strong clip-on shirt fastener for secure, damage-free attachment
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries, keeping it light-weight and non-irritating
  • Replaceable, easy-dry, easy-attach sensor
  • 2-step shut off process – press button on alarm unit and dry the sensor
  • Instructions in six languages

How does the Wet-Stop 3+ bedwetting alarm work?

The Wet-Stop 3+ alarm consists of a small, light-weight alarm unit, only 1-3/4″ wide x 2-3/4″ long x 3/4″ thick (AAA battery powered), with an attached rotating alligator grip. A thin cable with a sensor in the tip is plugged into the alarm unit, and the alarm unit is attached to pajamas near the ear to be heard. Pass the cord under the pajamas to the outside of the underwear. The sensor clip uses a strong alligator grip to attach to underwear in the area where urine will first be deposited. The sensor clip should not be placed next to skin, as the sensor is sensitive enough to alert to sweat or excess skin moisture.

When the alarm is activated, it alerts the user with either an audible alarm tone or a vibration, or both. The user must then press a button on the alarm unit and remove and dry the sensor tip. This two-step action awakens the bedwetter enough to become aware of urinating, go to the bathroom to finish, change underwear/sleepwear, address any wet in bedclothes, and then return to sleep.

Note: The alarm does not work when attached to the outside of an overnight pull-up or nighttime-type diaper, as most non-cloth diapers are too thick and absorptive, and moisture will not register on the sensor tip. You might want to use such an overnight diaper over underwear for a child who needs the extra protection.

The Wet-Stop 3+ bedwetting alarm also comes with a progress chart and star stickers to fully engage your child in the training process! When your child has a dry night, celebrate their success with a gold star in the morning! An almost-dry night earns a silver star.  We also include The Complete Bedwetting Book free digital download for parents. Additional sensor cords for the Wet-Stop 3+ are available to purchase separately.

Clinically Proven to Cure Enuresis in Girls and BoysAward for Wet-Stop as the best bedwetting monitor 2019

Wet-Stop 3+, when used properly, can cure bedwetting in days or weeks, without medication. Recommended by pediatricians and pediatric urologists, Wet-Stop 3+ is effective in training the child’s brain-bladder connection. The Wet-Stop 3+ reacts immediately to the first few drops of moisture, teaching the child to recognize the need to urinate and react to stop the flow of urine before the bed becomes wet. During the learning process, dry underwear will be needed – but the family will be spared the bother of remaking the entire bed. In a few months, most children no longer need to use the Wet-Stop 3+ Bedwetting Alarm.

Be sure to follow the instructions and correctly attach the alarm. Our customer support team is available to answer any questions you may have.

To use the Wet-Stop3+:

  • Insert 2 AAA batteries; the LED light on the side of the unit will flash briefly when the batteries are correctly installed and the unit is working. (No on/off switch!)
  • Clip alarm unit to pajama top or shirt neckline.
  • Run sensor cord under the pajama top.
  • Attach the sensor clip to the front of the underwear where moisture is likely to first occur, and give it a little tug. This will assure that it is secure to the front of the underwear. For boys, it is best to position the sensor inside the front pocket of the underwear. Be sure that the sensor does not touch the skin, as it is sensitive to sweat.
  • Be sure there is a clear, well-lit path to the bathroom – we suggest placing nightlights to light the way.
  • We strongly recommend that you demonstrate the alarm before your child falls asleep:  press and hold the button on the side to activate the alarm, and have the child practice turning off the alarm by pushing the button and pretending to dry the sensor tip, then going to the bathroom.
  • We further recommend that a parent get up with the child the first few nights when the alarm goes off to help the child fully awaken and complete the bathroom process.

Don’t forget to put those stickers on the progress chart, and celebrate every dry night! Your child will experience greater self-confidence as he or she learns to get up to use the bathroom or remains dry through the night.

Be sure to talk to your insurance company, as many insurance plans are now covering enuresis alarms. Use HCPCS code S8270 when contacting your insurance company.

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