Reviews Wet-Stop 3

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Reviews of the Wet-Stop 3 Bedwetting Alarm



If you are having issues with bedwetting, then this is it! IT WILL WORK. Just give it enough time. One of my boys needed it two weeks, the other — nearly 6 months! BUT it finally worked. I never thought my son would stay dry and he was nearing 9 years old. He never had a dry night his until life until this product.
So thankful for this product.

Jessy, July 2018

So far, two of my three kids have had to use night time diapers and Pull-ups till the age of seven. As did I when I was a kid. Bought this for my second child. She still peed the first three nights but woke when the alarm sounded. I would help her turn the alarm off, she would finish using the bathroom in the toilet and go back to bed. After the first three nights, she did not pee at night for about a week and a half. So we stopped using the alarm, then she had another accident. Starting using again, and she has not peed at night ever since, and that has been about a month. This alarm works. Most kids do not pee at night because their bladders are small or because they sleep too deep. It’s because there is disconnect between their brain and bladder when they are sleeping. This alarm “trains” the brain to wake up if too the bladder is full or just simply not release the bladder at night. My daughter sleeps through the night without waking to pee. So glad I finally tried this, I will be keeping and using in case my youngest has inherited this condition also.

Cate, July 2018

 I have purposely waited for over 2 months to write this review. We’ve tried many things to finally stop our son’s bed wetting. After 10 years of dealing with wet nights, sometimes twice, we ordered this and committed to using it every night for 60 days. We have finally reached a point where he is getting up on his own! Do not get the stick on version, this one is great, clips on. Easy for child to do themselves. If you commit to putting it on nightly, it works. Amazing!

Lisa, March 2017


I never write reviews, but after seeing how effective this product is, I felt compelled to write one.

My 5 year old son had been potty trained during the day for several years, although he still struggled every once in a while. At night, he would wet himself every night, and not just a little, he would leave a pretty big puddle in his bed. And that was even after trying to limit his fluid intake before bed. We tried all the different approaches, nothing came close to working. We were OK with just letting him sleep in diapers until his bladder matured per our pediatrician, but started become an issue when he wanted to sleep over at his cousin’s house. Even with diapers, he would wet himself and their beds. So then I stumbled upon this device.

Our pediatrician said that he was probably a deep sleeper, hence why he wouldn’t wake when he would start wetting himself. So it made sense to try something that would let him know when he was starting to pee at night. We were a little skeptical at first, and the first week of use was a little rough. He would pee and wake up, but just stay in bed until we came over and changed him. By the second week, he would start to pee but would stop almost immediately until we walked him to the bathroom. By the third week, he started waking before urinating and would walk himself to the bathroom. This is where we are with the training and hope eventually he’ll hold it thru the night.

Nothing we tried before even came close to where we are right now. We are very happy with purchasing this product, it actually works as advertised!

Stephanie, March 2017


This thing really works! After a few weeks of nightly use my son stopped his bed wetting. Great alternative to the medications out there!

Jeff, March 2017


This device is wonderful. I have a 4 1/2 year old daughter who has been day potty trained since she was 16 months old but just couldn’t wake up dry. It was frustrating for everyone, especially because our daughter was upset that she was still wetting the bed.

We tried everything and finally decided to try a bedwetting device. Really didn’t want to spend hundreds so we bought this and figured if it didn’t work we would only be out $40. It would take a few tries each night to get the underwear clip in a spot that wasn’t bothering her and we clipped the alarm to the back of her pajama pants since she sleeps on her stomach. After a few days, she was waking up at night to use the bathroom. After about a week she was waking up dry and she hasn’t wet the bed in months. I have since referred this to a couple friends who have all had success with it. I just wish we had purchased this sooner.

James, March 2017


After trying everything, leave it to a “gadget from the internet” to solve our 8 year old’s nighttime potty issues.

Christa, March 2017


It did help my son tremendously. Nothing else has. He is 10. It took about 3 months, but was worth the effort. Only negative is that the clip broke (you have to unplug the clip -like a phone jack), as well as push a button, to stop the alarm). I wish it would have lasted longer because I was going to use it for my daughter too. In any case… if you stick it out, it does make a difference!

Matthew, February 2017


Our son was between 7-8 years old, and still had problems keeping the bed dry on a nightly basis (wore nighttime pull ups). He wanted to start having friends over for sleepovers, but was embarrassed about having to wear a pull up, so we decided to try out the Wet-Stop 3 after reading reviews. About 5 out of the next 7 nights, he set off the alarm, and got up and went to the bathroom. After the first week, we left the alarm on for one more, and he kept the bed dry the entire time.

It has now been several months since our initial purchase, and we haven’t had to have him wear it again. He has had one or two minor accidents over this period of time, but nothing to worry about.

Ryan, February 2017


My wife and I have a 12 year old boy who never had a dry night since he was born, and we were told to wait it out but he had to miss slumber parties due to his bed wetting. We were skeptical that bed alarms would work as we tried every trick imaginable. We decided to give Wet-Stop a try. It took about 10 days but it worked like magic. Our boy is much more confident too. Our only regret is we didn’t do this sooner.

Robert, February 2017


My 7 year old wore pull ups and wet them every night, wetting the bed a few times a month when the pull ups leaked. Desperate to try anything, we ordered this not really thinking it would work.

He stayed dry the first night but wet the bed the second night. But 3 months in, he’s only had a handful of accidents. This device somehow made him more aware and he has stopped wearing this alarm for the past month. The instructions to practice peeing midstream may have also helped him control his bladder. There were no other changes except for wearing this alarm (it’s even OK for him to drink water past 7pm) and we are all so happy that he no longer wears pull ups and no longer sleeps on a pad.

By the way, we were afraid the alarm would be too loud but his sister slept through it next to him, and we were still able to hear it from across the hall.

James, January 2017


Was beginning to think nothing was going to work for my daughter. We were all beginning to get frustrated. Then the doctor recommended a bed wetting alarm and I feel like it has been a miracle product for our daughter. Thank you Wet-Stop!

Steven, January 2017


I was undecided whether this would help my little guy but after just reading the instructions on the use really made me feel confident in the use of this product. No only did my little guy stopped bedwetting, but we both were very positive and excited with the outcome! It helped us both to be unashamed and encouraged. I highly recommend this for any parent/child.

Cindy, January 2017