Audible Alarm

Wet-Stop bedwetting alarm is equipped with 6 variable alarms. Changing the alarm will help wake your child, as they won’t become too accustomed to a single sound.


The system can be set to vibrate and/or sound when the sensor detects moisture. Setting the device to vibrate only allows the rest of the house to sleep without interruption.

One Year Warranty

All Wet-Stop alarms are backed by a
full 1-year warranty.
You can rest easy knowing you are
covered… and dry.


Enjoy the best
design and function for dry nights

Our mission is to help your child stop bedwetting! Enuresis is curable with patience, consistency, and the right tools. Wet-Stop products are designed by a board-certified Pediatric Urologist whose passion is helping parents conquer bedwetting. Knowing that poor bathroom habits at a young age can lead to issues later, now is the time to help your children succeed.

Wet-Stop 3+ information graphic - Wet-Stop use is proven to cure bedwetting.
How-To Helps

Achieve the best
results & success with your Wet-Stop 3+!

The Wet-Stop bedwetting alarm is your best solution for children learning to stay dry through the night! Simple to use, we’ve created this informative video guide to setting up and achieving the most effective results with the alarm system.
Click the link below to watch the video on YouTube.


Wet-Stop 3+ was featured in mums & tots Magazine

We are honored to have been selected as the best bedwetting alarm!

Wet-Stop 3+ was recommended by Mums and Tots magazine, Ireland, Autumn 2018

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what parents are saying about the Wet-Stop alarm:

I never thought my son would stop wetting the bed. This actually works! It took about 2 weeks for totally dry nights and we haven’t looked back since. It only took us 10 years to discover this. Use it even beyond the first few dry nights bc it definitely helps them mentally. It’s a bit jarring for everyone on the first night. Be prepared for a little emotion, but be encouraging and push through it.

Amazon Customer

February 2021

Miracle Device. Seriously. – This was a miracle. I have to say I had my doubts, but have tried everything else, and resolving it was just a developmental issue (for my otherwise genius son) and thinking he’d outgrow it one day. He’s been on miralax to keep any question of constipation out of mind (since that could cause bed wetting), he is always hydrated, he has a set sleep schedule, we would wake him up once at 10pm (when we went to bed) to pee, then once more at 2:30, but with all this (years of this— he is 7) it hasn’t resolved the issue. So, I thought “why not” with his alarm. 3 weeks is all he needed! 3 weeks! We started him June 9, he had maybe 4 accidents a week for 2 weeks, then the 3rd week he started his dry streak (we told him if he could go 2 weeks dry he could stop wearing it). He stopped wearing it beginning July, and in the whole month of July he had 2 accidents (both were when he was staying the night at grandma’s house, so I wonder if it was a routine thing…). We’ve almost finished the whole month of August without any accidents! I am a believer now!

Ashley N.

August 2019

AMAZING Product! – My son was 5 years old and had never had a dry night. He would wet several times a night, wet through his diaper, and wake up in a wet bed many times. It took 3 months, but he is now completely night potty trained. If he feels the need to urinate, he wakes up and goes to the bathroom, and then goes back to bed… all on his own! He is a very heavy sleeper and I thought this day would never come. The first two weeks were hard on my husband and myself, as we woke with our child every night. By the third or fourth week he was able to operate the alarm without help and by the second month it hardly went off. He has been completely dry now for two full weeks and has only had 1 accident in the past month. Praise God for Wet-Stop3!


August 2018