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Customer Reviews | Wet-Detective Bed Pad Alarm System

Wet-Detective bed pad alarm system - pictorial instructions for placement of components. Bed pad is placed on top of bedsheet; sensor cord is attached to bed pad and alarm unit. Alarm unit is placed near the head of the bed.

After 3 weeks of use, my 7 yr old had no accidents for a month straight! He has only had 2 accidents in the 2 months after that. Great product for a hard training experience. My little boy and I are SO happy to not have dirty laundry and embarrassing mornings.

Shawn, December 2017

This is the 3rd bed pad alarm system we have tried. The other clip-on style sensors did not work for my 11 yr old because he would just take them off in his sleep. He also likes to sleep without PJs so this pad solution was perfect for him. After years of frustration, 6 weeks in and he is on his 12th dry night in a row!

Carlee, October 2017

My daughter hasn’t had an accident since we started using this 2 weeks ago! I cannot believe everything we’ve tried and this seems to work the best. She is well on her way to dry sleepovers soon. Having a child that was still bed wetting at 8 was very tough. I’m hoping this does the trick for good!

August 2017

We have tried three other bedwetting alarm systems before this one, even the highest price Chummie system. This works best of all because my child didn’t have the alarm box to wear on her pajamas or the clip to wear on her underwear, which she hated and was always coming off anyway. The other advantage is that it comes with two pads, so when she wets the bed you have the clean one to switch out immediately. I always put the dirty one in the washer right away just in case. Thankfully she always stayed dry through the rest of the night.

The only disadvantage is the fragility of the cord that connects to the snaps which connect to the sensor pads, as other reviewers have mentioned. It’s common sense that you don’t pull a connector from the wire- you pull from the connector, but this is more difficult when you’re fumbling around at 2AM and you have an incessant alarm blaring in your ear! Be sure to always disconnect from the snap and not the wire and you should be ok, but when we did have a cord failure I emailed the company and they responded within minutes offering a replacement cord.

Melissa, June 2017

The Wet-Detective bed pad alarm system works well. The different settings for sound are great for what we needed to wake the child up to go to the restroom. I do recommend buying two pads, so you can easily replace it if they do wet at night. We are right at the 30-day mark now and unsuccessful nights are much fewer.

Misty, February 2017

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