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Customer Reviews | Wet-Stop 3+ Bedwetting Alarm

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In use since 1979, with over 500,000 sold, the Wet-Stop 3+ alarm is your proven cure for bedwetting.

This product definitely worked for us. It took some trial and error to find the right spot to put the sensor, but within a couple of months our daughter stopped wetting the bed. It is difficult to get it to shut off after it activates, we had to remove the cord to get it to stop, but I would definitely recommend this to a friend, though I believe the child has to be ready and willing and the parent(s) has to be active in helping during the night.

PurplePeahen, July 2019

Omg this product is a must if your child is trying to stop wetting the bed. We tried alarms and waking up in the middle of the night but that didn’t work. For my daughter‘s 8th birthday her only wish was to stop wetting the bed. I took her to the doctor and the doctor recommended this product and I wish I would’ve known sooner. I rate this product a A+ It took her about a month to fully stop wetting the bed. Now she loves having sleep overs.

NancyLove, June 2019

Amazing product! My son was 5 years old and had never had a dry night. He would wet several times a night, wet through his diaper, and wake up in a wet bed many times. It took 3 months, but he is nAmazing product! My son was 5 years old and had never had a dry night. He would wet several times a night, wet through his diaper, and wake up in a wet bed many times. It took 3 months, but he is now completely night potty trained. If he feels the need to urinate, he wakes up and goes to the bathroom, and then goes back to bed…all on his own! He is a very heavy sleeper and I thought this day would never come. The first two weeks were hard on my husband and myself, as we woke with our child every night. By the third or fourth week he was able to operate the alarm without help and by the second month it hardly went off. He has been completely dry now for two full weeks and has only had 1 accident in the past month. Praise God for Wet-Stop 3+!

Lani, August 2018

Just buy it! So far, two of my three kids have had to use night time diapers and pull-ups till the age of seven. As did I when I was a kid. Bought this for my second child. She still peed the first three nights, but woke when the alarm sounded. I would help her turn the alarm off, she would finish using the bathroom in the toilet and go back to bed. After the first three nights, she did not pee at night for about a week and a half. So we stopped using the alarm, then she had another accident. Started using again, and she has not peed at night ever since, and that has been about a month. This alarm works. Most kids do not(sic) pee at night because their bladders are small or because they sleep too deep. It’s because there is disconnect between their brain and bladder when they are sleeping. This alarm “trains” the brain to wake up if too the bladder is full or just simply not release the bladder at night. My daughter sleeps through the night without waking to pee. So glad I finally tried this, I will be keeping and using in case my youngest has inherited this condition also.

N. Cate, July 2018

Used during the day. Within 5 days we went from 7 accidents a day to dry underwear. My daughter has Down Syndrome and was never bothered by soiling herself. This device allowed her to recognize her body functions and finally I can say is out of diapers. I have tried so many things and have been potty training her for 4 years. Maybe it was just the timing, but this device worked wonders for my family!

Erin, January 2018

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