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How can Wet-Stop help you?


What can Wet-Stop do to help you overcome your bedwetting, incontinence, or enuresis issues? 

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Here are some tips from the National Incontinence Blog & helpful links to help you or someone you know tackle any bedwetting, incontinence, or enuresis issues they may be experiencing: 

 Tip #1: Pee every hour, on the hour. – You can often retrain your bladder to release when you want it to release by going to the bathroom on a schedule based on your bladder habits using timed intervals. (Check out WobL watches that come with 8 alarms with vibrate & sound capabilities and a countdown timer.) By retraining your bladder, you can increase your bladder’s capacity to hold urine which reduces the number of bathroom breaks needed and accidents that might happen. 

 Tip #2: A kegel a day makes the pee go away. Kegels are exercises that you do by simply clenching and releasing to strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor. These exercises can aid in bladder control and urinary incontience in men and women. Make sure to do them right and do them often. Many women do kegels after giving birth to help strengthen pelvic muscles. Men have also found kegels effective in treating leakage after prostate surgery. Watch or read how!

Tip #3: “Just water, please.” When having a meal, especially when out to eat, make ordering a water in place of soda, tea, alcohol, etc. a habit.  Water keeps urine from being too concentrated, which can increase bladder irritation and urgency, unlike caffeinated and carbonated beverages or alcohol, which is a diuretic. 

Tip #4: Get moving! Losing weight and staying fit can help fight incontinence as being overweight can weaken and stress your pelvic floor muscles. Stay active and stay at a healthy weight! Here are some other exercises that might help with incontinence or enuresis issues.

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