The Complete Bedwetting Book

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by D. Preston Smith, MD, FAAP, FACS, FSPU

Bedwetting expert and pediatric urologist Dr. Preston Smith, the founder of PottyMD, wrote The Complete Bedwetting Book as a helpful book for parents. Dr. Smith has written this book and many others to aid parents and children in all aspects of bedwetting. This book explains the causes and solutions in easy to understand terms and gives the reader the tools needed to make the best decisions on how to correct their child’s bedwetting problems. 

This book is dedicated to all the frustrated families who have suffered from countless wet nights and who have resigned themselves to waiting for the dry sheet fairy to visit and lay a magic cure under the pillow.

Just venture inward and the answer to your problem may be waiting for you.

The Complete Bedwetting Book tackles problems with bedwetting, medically known as nocturnal enuresis, are widespread in our society. Fortunately, these problems do not seriously threaten the health of children dealing with these issues. Though, these problems do often significantly affect the wellbeing of both the child and the family. Though, these problems do not significantly affect the wellbeing of both the child and the family. Premarital counseling should include the history of bedwetting for each partner. The parental history is predictive of what the children will experience and usually parents do not find out about their spouses former bedwetting issues until they are in the thick of the struggle and have not had time to prepare a good and planned response.

Dr. Smith’s third book outlines a wonderful overview of bedwetting, including what we do know about the pathophysiology and possible treatments so that families can formulate a reasonable response and plan. This is a great new resource for families that reviews bedwetting so very thoroughly. 

Find the book in HTML format here.